Just to give everyone a little insight into my workflow, while each session is still fresh in my head I take a quick look back through the photos and pick out the ones I remember being my “favorites,” from the shoot. These photos are usually the ones to go up on my blog!

As I start doing a more in-depth sort through and edit of the photos I usually find a few more hiding in there that tickle my fancy. Last night, when I was finally getting around to making a DVD for Maile, I noticed a few more photos with potential, like this black-and-white close-up.


Now usually, I show a lot of restraint when editing my pictures. I like to let my clients know that my images can stand on their own without having to be too dolled up post processing. Last night, however, I was already working past my bed time and I was too tired to concentrate on anything too tedious so I thought to myself; “Self, just have fun with it!” And that’s exactly what I did with the photos below.


I definitely call the one above “vintage” and the one below “grunge.”


I’m not usually one to feature the same shoot twice, but since there were so many of them in this bunch, I thought why not share? It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it! Hehe. This picture describes what a giddy, silly mood I’m in.


I also thought I’d use this opportunity to point out my new watermark, which was done by my AMAZING graphic designer Miranda Sorensen, http://mirandasorensen.com/Home_Page.html, who also created my logo and my old photo signature. I’d recommend her to anyone!