Baby Nathaniel: 16 Days Old

This Holiday Season, Meghan and Ryan got the best present they could have asked for, a bouncing baby boy! Nathaniel was born December 1 at a whopping 9.5 lbs. He is the couple’s second child. Their first child, Michaela is quite a ham in front of the camera, so we threw in a couple of shots of her for funsies and she almost stole the show! Both children are extremely cute and very well behaved, it was truly a pleasure getting to know this small family and being entrusted to capture such important memories for them.

Apparently, sweet little Nathaniel is a very sleepy boy. Meghan told me that he has slept through everything, including his own circumcision! It figures that then as soon as you want him to sleep for something like photos, well, he’s not in the mood! Granted, the surfaces we were putting him on were not at all the most comfortable, but lucky for me, mommy had a magic touch and all the patience in the world. After a lot of waiting and a little coaxing, Nathaniel slept like a champ as he unknowingly underwent one costume change after another.

We then decided to wake him up for a bit to get some photos of his teeny tiny body parts and vary up the location a bit.

This was about when we decided to get Michaela involved!

We also had one more specific shot in mind of Nathaniel in his special monogrammed Christmas stocking, only no one was expecting him to come out quite so big, so he almost didn’t fit in the stocking! It was hilarious watching mommy and daddy trying to gently pull the stocking up around him as he made things more difficult by kicking his legs all around in the process. Score one for parents, they did get him in the stocking, score two for Nathaniel, he got them back by leaving behind a little present of his own inside!

Right before our time was up, I had this idea to use the family’s beautiful Christmas tree for some shots, and I asked them if they had any wrapped presents we could use. Ryan Brought out one PINK box after another, and Meghan was NOT having it for her little boy, haha. Finally we found one blue box, an one of various colors that worked just perfectly!

Congratulations mommy and daddy! Nathaniel is just plain adorable! In fact, if he were any cuter I’m afraid he might have found his way into my suitcase and gone home with me! Merry Christmas Meghan, Ryan, Nathaniel and Michaela!