Danielle and I had planned a boudoir session as a wedding gift to her soon-to-be hubby… for the sake of this blog we’ll call him John. As always, the toughest part about boudoir sessions in general is finding a location, and Danielle and I were almost at a complete loss until I realized the answer was right under me the whole time…literally!

My mom’s new house in Ambler — where I’m staying for wedding trips — is beautiful, and with some creative thinking we had more than enough places to take pictures inside and in the enclosed backyard as well. Danielle showed up with some great props to compliment some of the ideas I had come up with for it, and I had fun looking through all her scandalous outfits choosing the right one for each location I had in mind.

For example, we chose the red corset to complement the white couches in the formal living room, where I had already set up studio lighting before Danielle got there.

We made a quick pit-stop in my step-dad’s office and had EXTRA fun as I instructed Danielle to flirt playfully with my light stand. She did such a good job of it, that after we had a good laugh about how much the light-stand must have really “enjoyed itself,” and how jealous John would be!

A simple hallway upstairs was my next inspiration. The ever-awesome Danielle never questioned my vision for these locations and was totally up for whatever crazy thing I came up with next!

She also contributed a really unique idea to the shoot, since John plays catcher in baseball, she hijacked his whole uniform and wore “it and only it” outside for a few shots. We found the chest plate really difficult for her to move in though, haha, so we switched to the much more workable Jersey.

Our final stop was my mom’s Jacuzzi tub, and since nothing can ever go exactly as planned, we couldn’t get the stopper in the Jacuzzi to close the drain, so we stuffed a wash cloth in there just hoping it would hold! I’d say it did pretty well; it outlasted our bubbles!

Danielle, I had soooo much fun doing this session with you, and I just love how the photos came out… John is one VERY lucky guy, not only to have a girl who would have a session like this for him, but one who looks so stinkin’ HOT doing it! You go girl!