From the Wedding Tip Series, providing a new piece of advice every Wednesday to help brides get the most out of their wedding photography. This Wednesday, we are proud to unveil tip thirteen:

“Find a Clean Space to Get Ready In”

Let me start by pointing out that I am a very messy person, so I’m certainly not judging when I say this…. but if you are going to have preparation photos – photos of all the little details, such as dress, shoes, bouquet, you putting on the dress, hanging with your girls, etc., taken at your house/apartment, you really should make it a point to clean that space shortly before your wedding day and make a conscious effort not to completely trash it while you are getting ready. A messy space is very limiting in terms of the kinds of shots your photographer will try to take – e.g. we will attempt to crop out the mess wherever possible resulting in much more zoomed in shots that don’t really show as much of what is going on.

If getting ready shots are important to you and you know your house/apt. wont make the best backdrop, you should definitely also consider alternate locations to get ready in. Maybe your MOH’s house is always pristine and has some unique furniture. Perhaps the venue where you are having your reception offers some classy spaces to get ready in. Keep in mind that this is also the part of your day where I will take your bridal portrait, so you’ll want to look around in advance and find a location that at least has nice furniture, or an oversized window, a nice yard just outside… any place you can see yourself in for the photo. Maybe your wedding venue has a beautiful lobby, or your aunt’s patio features some beautiful wicker furniture. Don’t be afraid to be creative; you’ll be glad you did!

(Disclaimer: This is not this bride’s apartment, just happens to be where she got ready)

(This bride got ready in a room at her venue, which had some beautiful vintage-looking furniture and a nice color scheme throughout)