Let me just start by saying that Jourden is quite possibly the coolest senior ever! Right off the bat when Sean and I met up with him and his father, Brian, Jourden went straight to posing for us. I was immediately blown away by how well he took to the camera and his expressions were so perfect I never had to struggle to get the look I was going for out of him. We started the session at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado.

The light was pretty limiting in our first location, as the sun was just about to peek behind a giant mountain, so we went ahead and mosied on over to a much smaller park across the street. It was crazy how many different shots we came up with out of one simple stone structure.

After the park, Jourden changed outfits and we headed over to downtown boulder for the rest of the shots. As we were walking along debating what areas to use, I immediately fell in love with the series of colored buildings that I was able to make look exactly how I envisioned them in photos. It also helped that Jordan was easy to get a real laugh out of!

Afterwards we found even more great nooks and crannies around town, including more colorful walls, and the perfect construction site. Again, Jourden was a real natural at posing – I could seriously see him with a future in modeling!

To Jourden and Brian, thanks so much for coming out to meet Sean and I! It was a pleasure working with you both, and I hope you two love these photos as much as we do!