If there is one thing we’ve learned about running a successful wedding photography business over the years, it’s that it’s not just about delivering great photos (sure that has a lot to do with it), but it’s also about meaningful client relationships. If someone had told us when we first started this business that so many of our past clients would become lifelong friends, and that we’d follow each other’s journeys not just through marriage, but through children, special achievements and new career paths, we might not have believed them… only now, we live this reality every day.

Sean and I truly have a special place in our hearts for so many of the brides we’ve worked with, and we know they feel the same. We can see it in their smiles and the way they offer us beverages and snacks as though we were some VIP guests all throughout THEIR wedding days, we can feel it in their hugs when we leave them at the end of their wedding night, and if that’s not enough to convince us, it brings tears to my eyes when we actually receive Thank You cards featuring our photos and some of the most heartfelt messages we’ve ever read.

Last week I received not one but two of a these handwritten thank you cards, and just wanted to share some touching words from two of our 2011 brides. Since we know you can’t read all the text from these photos, I’ll type it out here.

Dear Lauren & Sean,
How can we ever thank you for the incredible work you did during our wedding. You managed to capture moments that have made us laugh and cry – memories that will never fade thanks to you. We adored working with you both. You took care of us, and made us feel beautiful and comfortable. Despite all elements, you were warriors! You found beauty in each of us and our guests. We can never repay you.

All our love and endless gratitude,
Kristen & Tom

Dear Lauren,
We can’t thank you enough for the phenomenal job you and your associate did photographing our wedding. Thanks to the two of you, we have amazing pictures to proudly display for a lifetime. People are STILL talking about how amazing they turned out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gregory and Erica

It’s letters like these, as well as reviews like the ones we’ve generously received here that are the reason we do what we do, and why we push ourselves to capture every possible moment at every wedding as if it was our own memory at stake. All my love goes out to our brides, past, present and future – thank you for making this such a rewarding endeavor!