Here at Lauren Brimhall Photography we just LOVE winter weddings! I know some of you are getting chilly just THINKING about it, but this is seriously an untapped market for weddings that we thought was worthy of a quick salute.

So without further adieu here are five great reasons to have a winter wedding. Please let us know if we’ve missed one!

1.) Vendor Availability: That venue you’ve been dreaming of, the photographer you’ve been admiring, and the wedding planner you have just HAD to have ever since you found her blog are all MUCH more likely to be available for an “off season” wedding date! No settling for your second, third and fourth choices – the wedding world is your oyster!

2.) Better Rates: Some venues offer cheaper rates for off-season dates, and even some photographers will occassionally* offer a winter discount. When your budget isn’t quite in line with your high-end taste, instead of having your heart broken as you let go of one wedding dream after another, consider a winter wedding.

3.) More unique wedding photos: Because a much fewer number of weddings take place in the winter, your photos are by default going to be more unique featuring that winter wonderland feel. Take how you were envisioning your wedding photos and then picture them with a snowy white background, and a beautiful fur shawl. I’ll bet that at least one in five of you have been moved enough by fresh-fallen snow to take a picture of just the scene outside your home, now put the quality of that picture on steriods, imagine an even cooler location and picture yourselves as the featured subjects!

4.) Guest Availability: No matter WHEN you plan your date for, there is always going to be at least one important guest that can’t make it, and often times its because they are already committed to attending ANOTHER friend’s wedding, a summer barbeque, or other seasonal festivities – let’s just say most people have nothing better to do in the winter time than attend your wedding 😛

5.) Unique Dress and Decor Possibilities: While Fall-themed weddings are certainly beautiful – we’ve definitely seen more than our fair share of Fall-themed receptions. Winter is much less “done” and if you don’t like “winter wonderland” or “Holiday theme” ruling out the seasonal themes all together forces you to be much more creative with your decor choices. If you have a beach wedding you are definitely going to look for a dress that’s flowy and compliments a beach setting, yet some people overlook the possibilities for dresses that compliment a winter scene. Winter opens you up to heavier dress with room for more coutour looks without sweating all of your makeup off, and anything with a lot of texture is definitely going to stand out in a snowy scene.

So those are our reasons, and we hope to hear from you soon about your awesome winter weddings!