From the Wedding Tip Series, providing a new piece of advice every Wednesday to help brides get the most out of their wedding photography. This Wednesday we are proud to unveil Tip Fifteen: Love the Photographer You Hire!

I’m sure when you met with or spoke to your chosen photographer on the phone, you asked a whole slew of great questions, and in the process hopefully got an answer to the even bigger question of “Do I click with this person?” Now I’m not saying your photographer needs to become your very best friend in the world, but hiring someone who makes you laugh and feel comfortable is extremely important.

Not only will you probably be spending more time with your photographer on your wedding day than your new husband (yeah, we’re around to catch everything), but this is a person you may be working with for up to a year and a half! This varies depending on how early you book, if you have an engagement session that will really kick-start early interactions, and if you have an album or prints in your package that will extend the process further.

Please keep in mind that “loving” your photographer also means trusting in their advice — which will be offered when solicited — regarding engagement and wedding photo locations and the timeline for your day. After all, you hired us for a certain style/look to your photos and so there is no one who would know better what is required to achieve the particular style of photos you are expecting than your photographer 🙂 At the end of the day, it’s YOUR wedding, and we are committed to working with whatever YOU decide, but you are also making a significant investment in your photographer, so why not set your photos up for success!

Photos of Sean and I by Jim Heine For more tidbits from the full shoot of us, click here!

Edited to Add: After the initial booking meeting, all solicited timeline/location advice will be provided via email or phone communications. If in-person wedding planning meetings are required, please consider hiring one of our recommended wedding planners!