Sean and I were recently asked to teach a reception lighting class to share some of our tips and tricks on “rocking the reception,” with other members of the photographer community. We graciously accepted, and to our surprise 70 people turned out to hear what we had to say. The CLASS, hosted by, took place on February 18 at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO.

I, of course, bumbled through the presentation as best I could, answering questions throughout and then did some hands-on demonstrations with some of the attendees. Ross Bothwell of Elegant Images was kind enough to take some photos of us conducting the CLASS, which we will share with everyone as soon as they hit our inbox!

We did note, however, that a lot of the attendees were interested in access to the in-depth PowerPoint presentation that Sean and I put together, so we just wanted to make that available for everyone who requested it. I have converted the slides to JPG below, so while you’ll miss some of the action affects, the info is all there for those who came sans notepad, or were just plain to enthralled by my eloquence (I wish :P) to get it all down on paper. Enjoy!