Life isn’t always peaches and cranberries, and having kids turns out to be a lot more blood, sweat and tears than it is Kodak moments… Only no one tells you that before you make a baby. All you see are gorgeous pictures of other people’s children doing things that make you smile, and you think to yourself “I want those moments… I want to smile like that every single day.” And so was born the old saying, “Don’t compare your life to someone else’s Highlight Reel.” While you can’t prevent all of your friends from sweeping their reality under the carpet and only posting cute, upbeat photos of the best moments shared with their families as you’re still being yanked out of bed at 1am, and your kid is throwing massive tantrums because he/she can’t have his or her third piece of chocolate for the day, you can always one-up them by having  a professional photographer come to your home and take pictures of YOUR highlight reel. Okay, I joke, because the highlight reel isn’t really to boast… it’s to remind you of how many Kodak moments YOU have on a daily basis, and how blessed you are to have them. Ten years from now when your kids are grown, a portrait is going to be a portrait, but these moments are fleeting, and will remind you of your children’s growing personalities, and what your life was like raising them in the early years.

For a long time we have not offered ANY type of family portrait sessions… at all, and our past brides who have since made many babies have been none too happy about it, haha. It’s just that getting a bunch of young kids to sit and smile for even one nice shot is daunting and especially the young ones lose patience with it very quickly. I RARELY bite the bullet for my own kid, so there is just no amount of money that is going to get me to do it for someone else’s, no offense 😛 At the end of the day, Highlight Reel Sessions are A LOT more work, with sessions being four hours for a Half Day and eight hours for a Full Day and a lot more photos to go through, versus two hours for a portrait session that will yield a handful of good, albeit boring shots. But Highlight Reel Sessions are the kind of work we enjoy doing, so in an effort to not have to charge ridiculous prices for them, we will simply be limiting the number of photos we deliver. We deliver about 100-150 photos per half-day session and 150-300 for a full day. Due to the tendency for indoor, uncontrolled lighting to be varied and mixed you can expect about half of your photos to be processed in our beautiful black and white style. The cost for a half day is $600 and the cost for a full day is $1,000.

So go ahead and show off your Highlight Reels! Give yourself this once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a completely unbiased look at just how many Kodak moments YOU have in a single day in your life… and then post them on Facebook to sucker more of your friends into thinking they want kids 😛 Below are some photos from our first of these sessions by Lauren Brimhall Photography: