While I certainly have meaningful relationships with all my clients, every so often one couple will get to the point of becoming something more than JUST clients. They can’t help but start to feel like friends. Reagan and Ryan are two amazing people who DEFINITELY fit into that category. I shot their wedding this past fall and could not have been more excited to plan this ballet-inspired trash-the-dress with them on the Brooklyn Bridge when the weather warmed up.

As usual, Reagan did not disappoint, she showed up with dress options, hair options, a bouquet, the works! Meanwhile, I brought along a special lock engraved with their names to put on the bridge. Total photographer/client love affair here.

I should add that one thing I love about Trash the Dress sessions is seeing what kinds of portraits I’m actually capable of with a little bit of time and a decent location. Especially having to deal with the hoards of people on Sunday (mother’s day) at sunset, having a couple full hours made all the difference. It feels like actual wedding days are always so rushed and things always run late, portrait time gets whittled down to close to nothing and I’m forced to do the best I can with little time to even think. Patience was the key on Sunday, so thank you Reagan and Ryan – I couldn’t have done this particular shoot with any other couple!