There is no greater honor than being the only witness to two beautiful people all alone before a beautiful view declaring their eternal devotion to one another. Even though I didn’t meet Savannah and Mike until the day of their wedding and was there for just three short hours to capture their ten-minute ceremony and some portraits, I could literally feel the love between them.

Savannah had just arrived home from her military station in Korea and would only be home with Michael for a total of about one month before having to return and be parted once again. When time is short, people tend to make the most of it. And so, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch these two relish in every single moment they had together. I couldn’t have asked to be part of anything more special than that.French_Manor_Elopement-1French_Manor_Elopement-2French_Manor_Elopement-3French_Manor_Elopement-4French_Manor_Elopement-5French_Manor_Elopement-6French_Manor_Elopement-8French_Manor_Elopement-9French_Manor_Elopement-10French_Manor_Elopement-11French_Manor_Elopement-13French_Manor_Elopement-14French_Manor_Elopement-12French_Manor_Elopement-16