When I first get to meet a couple whose wedding I’ll be photographing is an exciting time for me. I never know if they’ll be the type to go along with my crazy ideas, share in my sense of humor, or be anywhere near as enthusiastic as I am about the images from their day.

Jen & Frank did not disappoint! In fact, it literally pained me to be the one to tell Jen that it might be a bad idea to have the groomsmen toss her in the air because when I saw her dress it was so sheer and delicate. After all, it’s my job to see moments before they happen, and as much as I love to find humor in the things that go wrong at weddings, a torn wedding dress prior to the reception is not at all funny.

That, however, didn’t stop me from laughing to myself at how delightfully wrong their champagne pop photo went, as the bottle blew before anyone was ready and sprayed another groomsmen in the face. It also didn’t stop them from going along with photos there’s no way for non-photographers to envision, and going up on chairs at their Il Tulipano Reception even though they aren’t Jewish. What a fun wedding! Big thanks to Miguel for second shooting this one – phenomenal job as always!