Bicycles and Bulldogs. Weddings don’t really get much better than this. Avery and Jason are a totally unique couple, and their wedding this past Saturday suited them perfectly. The girls’ day began at Avery’s parents’ gorgeous beach home in Surf City, NJ, and the boys got ready at Jason’s family’s bike shop, Walters Bicycles.

Over at the girls’ place, emotions were running high from the very start of the day and excitement was in the air. By the time of the ceremony, these two were just itching to get married and the ceremony started and ended with adorable, unscripted hugs.

With all the pressure off, the couple was able to let loose and revealed their amazing wedding party gifts; a bicycle for each bridesmaid and groomsman! Photographing ladies and gentleman dressed to the nines riding around on bicycles, I was like a pig in you-know-what. Meanwhile, Avery and Jason on their two-person Schwinn stole the show and my heart! Working with the family was a dream come true and I am so grateful they chose me to be part of their very special day.

Special thanks to Miguel for second shooting and David for third shooting/assisting as well – this collection wouldn’t be the same without you!