If there were a picture of the perfect couple for the LBP style in the dictionary, it would be one of Leah and Joel. They are two of the quirkiest, happiest, and most sincere people either Sean or I have ever had the good fortune of not just working for, but meeting in general.

Their wedding day could not have possibly have been more amazing. It started out with an emotional moment between Leah and her dad, who also happened to be a minister. This special man has married off over 200 couples. He has three sons and a daughter and May 26, 2018 was the one and only day he would finally marry off his own little girl. Joel and his mother made hundreds of unique and colorful pom-poms for their guests to toss at the ceremony. There were horse masks, viking horns, a cigar bar, and the most beautiful and expressive bride and groom I could have asked for.

Literally my only regret is that I can’t shoot their wedding over and over again every weekend until the end of my career. I just adore these images, and the people in them so much. Congratulations you two, from the bottom of my heart.