As far as easy-going, totally spontaneous, and fun couples go, you can’t ask for much better than Courtney and Joe. Of all the crazy things that happened on their wedding day, from pit-stopping at the Rehoboth beach boardwalk arcade to taking group photos with random observers, to going for an impromptu wade in the ocean at night, outside of portraits, not one part of their day was planned or staged.

Our so-called plans changed from one minute to the next and I literally just spent most of the day chasing them and their crazy-awesome wedding party around wherever they ended up, documenting as much of the fun as humanly possible. What’s funny is that people always apologize to me and thank me for “putting up with” this sort of thing, but the truth is that’s ridiculous because I totally love it. There’s nothing I want more than to watch a newly married couple genuinely enjoy their day as much as Courtney and Joe and then surprise them afterwards with amazing documentary images to represent those memories for a lifetime.

Once again, I was super lucky to have my husband, Sean, along to shoot with, and even go for a night swim for us. Congrats again to the couple, and I truly hope we did it justice!