Melonie has been through so much in just the past year. In summer of last year she lost her mother, and her father had passed prior to that. Then, last Fall, she was diagnosed with Lupus, and lost her hair. But somehow, no matter what life threw her way, she and Josh managed to muddle through and find their happily ever after in Josh’s parent’s immaculately maintained backyard this past weekend. 

The couple’s incredible taste and smart spending decisions made for an extremely elegant affair. Everything was perfect… even when it was anything but. When Melonie’s three-year-old son Julien had a melt down, she wanted those moments captured. When the tulle of her dress got dirty and torn in the backyard, she shrugged it all off as “real life,” all the while keeping her gorgeous smile beaming. That’s one thing I guess you can say about hardship, though, it truly gives a person perspective and Melonie knew better than anyone that the most important part of her day is that she married Josh.  

I feel extremely privileged to have been entrusted with these precious once-in-a-lifetime memories for such truly special people. I hope these images bring Melonie and Josh all the joy they deserve after everything that they’ve already overcome together and serve as a wonderful keepsake for their adorable son many years from now.