So there are some women out there who get pregnant and suddenly seem like they were just BORN to be mothers. They enjoy every stage in the process, from morning sickness to swollen fingers and toes; anything that sends a message from their baby: “Hey, I’m in here!” I have such admiration for these women, and I cannot believe how perfectly my friend Miranda fits into this mold.


Just to provide a little back story, way back when my photography business was nothing more than an idea in my head and a dream in heart, the very talented Miranda graciously offered to provide her graphic design skills to create the first tangible pieces of my company: my logo and my photo signature. I couldn’t afford to pay her anything at the time, but promised if she ever had a baby, I’d make it up to her in photography! I had already tried talking her back into her wedding dress to no avail, haha.


Long story short, and obviously because you are viewing the photos as I write this, the day to return the favor finally came! In the past I’ve always been happy for family and friends upon announcing their pregnancies, but I am really especially THRILLED on Miranda’s behalf. I originally promised her a newborn session, but when I saw how much she was clearly enjoying the pregnancy, I thought it only appropriate to offer her a maternity session as well. Miranda was a little hesitant at first, due to the inherent awkwardness that comes with posing in front of the camera in such a personal physical state, but I knew if I could just get her to sit for a few photos, she’d be happy to have the keepsakes later on.


She agreed to the shoot on one condition: that she have final say over which photos got posted on this blog! Haha. Of course I told her I wanted to do it for her, to give her something memorable, and all photos on this blog have been pre-approved by her 🙂


The entire session lasted no more than a half an hour and I shot less than 100 frames. My typical portrait session is between 1 and 2 hours, so given the short period of time I had to work with I was very pleased with the number of blog-worthy photos I came away with.


As the session went on, I thought it was especially funny how much more relaxed she was every time I told her that her face wasn’t in the photo. She also seemed a little more comfortable when her husband, Adam, got involved in the shoot. I don’t know how many of my readers have had the pleasure of having a photo taken of JUST THEM, but I assure you, it’s no easy position to feel at ease in.


As I have come to understand it, the level of nudity a woman is comfortable with during pregnancy will vary. Miranda preferred to stay completely clothed in this adorable form-fitting blue shirt. I did, however, convince her to fold it up for a second for ONE cute, albeit somewhat cliché, photo I had in mind.


I have known many pregnant women in my life, but I have never seen any who made maternity look quite so beautiful and graceful as my good friend Miranda and I just wanted to say to her in my own personal tactless way, “I hope motherhood is the real-life fulfillment of your most joyful dreams, and thank you for reminding me that I truly do look forward to having more than three cats and a dog someday!”