Some days I just wake up painfully aware of how different my life would be had I never met my husband. Besides the fact I would have never had the opportunity to become a photographer, all of my dreams of traveling the world would have forever remained repeated and depressing recitals of the word “someday.” Instead, a few days ago, I happily returned from my second International adventure with my husband: a 16-day trip to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

I have so many wonderful photos and memories to share; I have estimated it will take at least two blogs to get everything in. So without further adieu, our journey began in Sydney, Australia. We arrived at the Hotel at the Park in Sydney, and I didn’t even get in the lobby door before breaking out the camera. Clients who know me are sure to note that, on the job or off — true to form — I take pictures of EVERYTHING!


Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we took a walk in the park to see our first Australia sights. These next few images are of St. Mary’s Cathedral and Hyde Park. Do you think I’m happy to be there?




The second day in Sydney we forewent the popular Sydney Zoo in favor of Koala Park, as the smaller park was more interactive and limited to wildlife that is indigenous to the region. We of course wouldn’t discover that the Web site’s promised Koala “cuddles” would be one-fingered-Koala-ass-petting or that the $5-a-bag “Kangaroo Food,” would be real-life, repackaged Multigrain Cheerios, haha. I definitely don’t regret going there over the zoo, though, because I think I’d have gone completely nuts if I had to take all of my pictures of these gorgeous creatures through wires and crowds of people. Below are two marsupials. I forget what the mousey-looking one is called, but the second is a Wallaroo.



At long last we got to the good stuff! Before I left I promised some clients pictures of those cute not-so-cuddly Koalas. So if you’re reading, here they are!



Oh yeah, and this is me getting an absolute thrill out of feeding the Kangaroos. I couldn’t believe just how gentle and sweet they were! I will confess, though, it didn’t stop me from trying just one little bite of Kangaroo meat at the Sydney tower later that night 😛 Judge me if you want, but at least I didn’t bring home any of those Kangaroo-Nad bottle openers that seemed to be sold at every single gift shop. And yes, “Nad” means what you think it means. Poor little Kangas!



Our third day in Sydney we went on a harbor cruise. The food was horrendous but we definitely got a view or two of the Opera House I don’t think you can get from any other spot than on the water. But before I show you that, you should get excited for the first ever picture I’ve posted of my dear sweet husband! I thought it an appropriate time to share, considering my introduction to this blog entry, and how just plain grateful I am to him for taking me on this trip.


Isn’t he handsome?! This Opera House picture is probably way boring next him 😉


So that’s all for Sydney Folks! Stay tuned for South Island New Zealand, Black Water Rafting Waitomo Caves and the Cook (aka Crab) Islands!