So my good friend Miranda, who is also the absolutely amazing graphic designer who did my beautiful logo, finally had her baby! Little, or I should say not-so-little baby Pierce was welcomed into the world with open arms on July 15 at 8lbs, 9 oz.!

In spite of it being VERY busy wedding season, Miranda and I really wanted to ensure we got pictures of him within the first three weeks of birth. Fortunately, we scared up a random weekday to do the session and even got to spend a little quality time together afterwards. In that time, I got to learn all about Pierce and what a little pistol he is! Literally and figuratively.

To explain that last statement, I really wanted to do some naked-baby, shirtless daddy images, but when I asked mom and dad to take Pierce’s diaper off, I saw a look of sheer terror come over their faces. Apparently, the minute he feels fresh air in the diaper region, he has this little habit of projectile peeing on everything in range. Daddy had to learn to change him with a washcloth blast shield! So here are some of the first pictures we took, diaper and all 🙂


I made sure to get images of both mommy and daddy individually with baby Pierce.


And then I took some of just him… although, that is daddy’s strong arm holding him up for me.


Adam, (aka daddy, haha) actually travels a ridiculous amount for his job. He works with my husband, so I definitely relate, which actually gave me the idea to take some shots of little Pierce on top of a small rollerboard suitcase. The hard part about newborn sessions, is that having the baby be comfortable takes priority above all else. We only got this one shot of Pierce on the rollerboard when we realized he was very uncomfortable and put a blanket under him for the rest of the shots. I like the one without the blanket best. It’s also one of the few where he actually had his eyes closed.


Another rare sleeping moment…


Mommy also wanted a shot of pierce with her wedding rings. I loved when she put the rings on him and he started to curl his tiny fingers around them.


I brought along this shaggy little blue bath-rug I bought specifically for Miranda’s session when I saw it a while back. As I suspected, it made for a pretty cute backdrop.


Miranda, it was such a privilege to photograph precious little Pierce. As an artist yourself, I know how important it is to you to have good, artistic photography memorializing your life’s most momentous occasions, so it really was an honor that you chose me to photograph your first child. I hope you enjoy the photos now and for many years to come!