I have so much to be thankful for this year, with family and the business topping the list. Like so many of my brides, I see marriage as a blessing, and I am so grateful to be one of the lucky ones who is as in love with her husband as much now as the day we were married. In fact, I love and appreciate him even more with each passing day. I am so happy to have a father, mother, and two beautiful sisters who care about me so much, and we are all healthy and able to share these wonderful holidays together as a family. I’m thankful for my four cats, Marcus, Titus, Zoey and Nermal, and our American Mastiff puppy Cheddar … yes, like the cheese. Fried turkey and potato filling are also somewhere at the top of the list, yes I mean those foods, and not names of more pets.

I didn’t take my camera out for long this year, because I didn’t want to feel like I was at work, but I did snap off a few shots shortly before dinner, as well as take some Christmas card photos of my sister’s kids the following day. I hope you all enjoy!


The Christmas card photos…


Happy after Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas to All!