So let me start by saying that my husband’s job entails working all but two holidays per year, and most years those holidays are, well, labor day… yeah, I just don’t know how he lucks out on getting labor day each year! ::insert sarcasm here:: Needless to say, this year was only our second ACTUAL Christmas day together and he was SO overdue for a trip home. His mother told me one more year and it would have been a decade since she had her son (my hubby) home for Christmas. It was super hard for me throwing away all my own holiday traditions for the first time ever and taking part in some that are so very different from mine, however, I really do love my in-laws so much and I have so much respect for their general good nature and strong family ties.

In short, my family is so much about the presents, the wine, the food and Jesus, while his family — being of the Mormon religion — only has one thing in common with mine, and let’s just says Jesus isn’t exactly AT the party on Christmas, haha. Nonetheless, I was happy to take part in their wholesome celebration of togetherness and the birth of Christ. The best part was the music, the majority of which was played and sung by 21 of my extremely talented soon-to-be 26! nieces and nephews on his side alone! Perhaps it’s just the fact that music is NOT one of my gifts, but I am always super impressed by those with any kind of mastery of it.

Anyway, I decided to blog my Colorado Christmas adventure photos in two short sets, one for Christmas Eve, and one for Christmas day, so I hope my family especially enjoys these photos!

A big thanks to Lesley, Kathy and the kids for putting on an absolutely beautiful and touching Christmas Eve Production!