As promised, here are the photos from my actual Christmas Day with Sean’s side of the family! I apologize in advance, Sean and I only took the camera out twice for about 20 minutes each time – once to do some quick family photos for Sean’s sisters Lesley and Sabrina, and the other to capture some of this fun family game Kathy had as all playing that evening, but since I don’t write many personal blogs, I wanted to show these anyway for funsies 🙂

Sabrina’s family, and yes, they are larger than the brady bunch! Sabrina had five kids and Paul had four when they married and now they are expecting number 10!

Lesley’s husband was absent this year, but we still took one of her and her four beautiful children, Marissa, Moorea, Michael and Sierra.

The newly married couple!

And these are the pictures from the game Kathy organized. She definitely put a lot of work into it, and I know the kids really enjoyed it.

And right before we headed out to take the family photos, I notice Sierra had this adorable chocolate face. After I won her over with a half an hour of airplane rides earlier in the day, she had no problem cheesing for me for this pic, and it’s totally my favorite now! Hope everyone had wonderful holidays and have a happy new year coming up!