So last week, I got another year older… can I ask if 28 is officially pushing 30?… Oh my gosh, back up here a minute, when did I get to be almost 30 years old?! Oh well, anyway, thank goodness for looking young and great photo-editing tools, because my good friend and occassional second-shooter Jim Heine was awesome enough to come over and finally take some long-overdue professional headshots for my website.

With Jim’s talent, I of course knew the photos would come out fantastic provided I didn’t mess them up with my face. Yes, I said “mess them up with my face,” and I know you brides know exactly what I mean by this without me having to explain further, haha. Anyway, the photos actually turned out to be an awesome birthday present, and a fresh reminder of what my own brides have to endure for the sake of beautiful photos come wedding time. And there’s another thing we have in common, knowing that all the awkward moments in front of the camera, will be so worth it in the end!

Here are some of my personal favorites!

It was funny watching Jim and I trying to get some wind action in these next photos of me with my camera. As we tried to prop a floor fan on top of a bar stool to get it to the right height, we found a brand new use for all my sample wedding albums in the house. Combined with some packaging tape and bar stool, we had one very professional-looking setup and still not a lot of wind, haha.

After we were bored of photos of me, I traded spots with Jim for just a few quick photos. We even turned the wind action on for him too… what? You can’t see it in the photos?

What a fun night! Can’t wait to work some weddings with Jim! And if you see him at yours, remember, it’s okay to hug him 🙂