As many of you know, Kelly was the winner of our first annual Dress-Off Competition! The grand prize was a unique bridal portrait session at a very unusual location. And when I say unusual, I should probably be saying scary-as-heck, about-to-be-torn-down, probably-too-dangerous-a-place-to-take-clients, abandoned warehouse… seriously folks, this was some Final Destination stuff right here. My hat’s off to Kelly for not even flinching as we walked across broken glass and under a rusty jagged garage door hanging by a hinge to get in.

In an effort to keep Kelly’s pristine Pronovias gown spotless, my husband/second shooter Sean and I came armed with a giant roll of Saran Wrap and saran wrapped EVERYTHING. So without further delay, and now that I’ve talked them up like crazy, haha, here are some of my favorite images from the shoot (Sean’s included).

Scary moment of the day: we saran wrapped the steel steps so that Kelly could stand on them without getting her dress dirty. As she was standing up there, she accidentally put some weight on her heels and both of them popped right through the wrap at the same time. She almost ate it! After that I was so worried about her falling off those steps, she wasn’t allowed to let go of the rail!

Not only did we make good use of Maggie’s vintage trunk, we also just happened to find the perfect spot of graffiti for pictures.

We couldn’t resist just two more shots in the doorway on our way out…

To Kelly: I have decided that you are quite possibly the coolest bride ever. Enough said.