One year ago this day my beloved grandmother Ann Marie joined the angels in Heaven (see blog here). But “Nan” as we always called her was kind enough to send us the most wonderful joy to help fill the void of her absence in our hearts always. Now I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I truly believe she asked God to send us a daughter and Austin Marie came into this world with a namesake to honor Nan on July 13, 2012. She is 10 days new today, and just nine days old in the beautiful newborn photo shoot Sean and I did yesterday in celebration of her.

Before I met Austin, I had never felt such pure joy or pure love and I see it in Sean’s eyes that he feels the same. We’ve both never been happier, and our child could not possibly be more adored. May my dear grandmother rest in peace and may Austin continue to bring sunshine and laughter into our lives – we are truly blessed!

And of course Austin did NOT want to sleep during this shoot, HATED being naked, DESPISED any kind of hard surface and laying on her stomach… Being the parents, it was SO hard for Sean and I to push through her occasional tears, but I’m so glad we did because now we’ll have these beautiful keepsakes forever!

We’ll end with the most likely framer for Austin’s nursery – this skirt was worth every penny! Also felt we should mention that the adorable knit hat was actually a gift from one of our awesome brides and we’re looking forward to going back to work soon!